Grupo Kinetica - Nuevo León, Mexico

Kinetica is a long-time customer of RSI. They make non-traditional architectural pieces from all types of material. Here, they’ve used their robot to create large-scale molds for this intricate build.

BB Props - Little Falls, New Jersey

Emiliano and his team at BrenBri (BB) create theatre props using their machine.

Evermore Park - Pleasant Grove, Utah

Our friends at Evermore use their RMC90 to cut props out of foam.


Alteacorp - Jalisco, Mexico

Altea uses their robot and hotwire harp to cut large-scale sculptures, such as this 30’ skeleton boy!


Kern Studios - New Orleans, Louisiana

Kern Studios dominates Mardi Gras. Using their robot on a linear rail, they create props, sculptures, and outrageous Mardi Gras floats.

Newton’s Attic

Newton’s Attic ignites the interest of science and engineering in kids by giving them hands-on experiences. Here are a couple ways they’ve used their RSI integrated robot.