We Have Robots of All Sizes to Fit Your Industry

Foam sculpting

From low to high density foams, to ice and clay. Make your 3D models come to life!



Over 70% of all castings have become sand molds. One offs? no problem. Large parts? No problem.


plastic trimming

High accuracy robots, with the speed of a handheld router, our robots can speed up your production.

The No-Mess Solution For Your Small Projects.

The RSI Cobra cell was designed for people that need a milling system that can be quickly moved from one area to another, as well as easy access to the work area for material loading. With simple electrical requirements, this system can be rolled through a standard double-doorway. Basic instruction sets, step-by-step instruction guides, and on screen help make it a very easy system to setup and run.

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From Foam to Stone, Our Robots Get the Job Done.

Our systems are customized by switching out the length of the robot arm, the payload, adding a linear rail, or even custom-built rotary tables to handle the size and weight of your materials, offering everything you need to accurately complete your milling jobs.

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What's the Use of a Robot If You Cant Run It?

As part of our turn-key systems, RSI provides, trains and supports 5-axis CAM software, as well as robot simulation and control packages. This keeps programmers and operators safe and comfortable, as it will not output a program to the machine that has any collisions or reach issues.

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