REcommended for these industries

  • Sculpting
  • Plastic Trimming
  • Prototyping

Capable of machining:

  • Foam
  • Clay
  • Ice
  • Plastics
  • Soft Woods


Picture 001.jpg

Stand-Alone Robot

This is the basic system. This is mostly used for parts on the floor and 2D milling tasks. External work areas such as rotary tables and vacuum tables are also available.We offer probes and programming shortcuts to make finding your parts as easy as possible.


Robot With Rotary Table

Adding a rotary table massively increases this robots work envelope. this robot is capable of milling a 8ft DIA X 8ft ht. 


All of our RMC60 systems come standard with:

  • 10 position tool garage
  • Automatic tool presetter
  • Touchscreen operator interface
  • PowerMILL CAM/robot control/simulation software
  • Training
rail robot.png

Robot On A Rail

With a rail it adds the ability for the robot to move side to side for long parts, as well as work on both sides of the robot. Our rails come in 10ft sections and can be as long as you need.